Accent On Languages


We’re proud to have a team of experienced linguists to provide transcripts and translations of audio and video recordings . They’re able to offer much-need transcription services that include:
  • Monitoring services
  • Transcription of recorded conversations and their translation into English
  • Transcript review by a second linguist against the original recording focusing on accuracy and completeness
  • Certification of the transcript to use in court
  • File management
  • Security and encryption of data.
Accent on Languages can provide linguists with certification from the California Department of Justice, along with federal agencies such as ICE, DHS, FBI, DEA, and DOD. In addition, all our linguists are prepared to serve as expert witnesses in court, should that service be required. In addition, Accent can provide analytic linguists with a security clearance for Title III related transcription projects and investigations.

Please contact us for more information about our transcription and analytic linguist services.
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