Accent On Languages

Braille and services for the visually impaired

  • Braille transcriptions, printing and embossing (ADA Compliant)
  • Large print documents for people with visual impairments
  • Audio transcriptions [Live bilingual reader and text-to-speech]
  • Screen Readers (Jaws, Microsoft Narrator)
  • Text descriptions, assistive tech, refreshable Braille displays, voicemail systems, color contrast for color blind accessibility.

Typically, Braille materials are prepared using standard Braille paper, of size 11 x 11-1/2 inches. A variety of line lengths are used, depending on the material and the audience. A standard Braille line is 40 cells in length, with 25 lines of Braille per page. The typical transcription ratio is: (1) source page in English (approx. 300 words) corresponds to three (3) Braille pages. Please take note the final number of Braille pages will depend on the complexity of the source document (for example, one letter-size page with one table could be spread out over several Braille pages). 

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