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No matter your industry, businesses need stellar communications to reach the widest possible audience while also making sure to meet often-evolving local, national, and global regulatory requirements and other mandates. Having the unbeatable yet compassionate team at Accent on Languages in your corner takes care of all your translation needs.


No matter your legal need, the translators specialized in the legal field at Accent on Languages can provide comprehensive translation services to cover all potential legal needs and scenarios – everything from lawsuits to business transactions and from mergers to corporate statements. Our linguists can also serve as witnesses for Court trials, whether to support the proceedings with linguistic interpretation, translation or transcription services, or providing expert witnesses to support evidence to be presented in Court. We also provide affidavits of accuracy, declarations and other types of customized certifications for use in Court, or to support official translations to be submitted to government or academic entities for their review and evaluation.

Regardless of the language in which you need important legal documents translated, we can provide this service, along with offering in-person face-to-face translations and other ways to guarantee 100 percent accuracy of every legally binding item that we translate.
Making a positive impact on the world also requires having a solid legal foundation for the work that you do, and this includes having precise translation for such needs as:
  • Transactions
  • Corporate Documents
  • Litigation
  • Translations to be used in Court as evidence
  • Audio to be transcribed for use in Court proceedings
  • Affidavits of accuracy for use in Consulates, Embassies, Universities, etc.
  • Oral interpretation services (in person or remote) to support legal proceedings, including Court certified interpreters
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