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No matter your industry, businesses need stellar communications to reach the widest possible audience while also making sure to meet often-evolving local, national, and global regulatory requirements and other mandates. Having the unbeatable yet compassionate team at Accent on Languages in your corner takes care of all your translation needs.

Business and Marketing

From brochures to advertising and marketing copy and beyond, Accent on Languages can adapt your message to any audience, in any location, for any size of the project. We help you ensure your business pitch is being made accurately and effectively, no matter where in the world you need it to be heard. We have extensive experience working with clients from all backgrounds to translate and craft marketing materials to suit any need.

In addition to online and printed materials, we are also able to translate audio and video from your business’ initial language to any other, and vice versa for any of your clients’ materials.

We also offer transcreation services (sometimes referred to as creative translation services) which combine translation and copywriting skills, in order to really capture the meaning of that particular product and brand into the messaging, all across multiple target languages, including keeping an eye out for cultural differences and sensitivities.
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