Dear linguists,

Before starting the clearance process, we need your Credit Release Authorization for Accent on Languages (AOL Credit Release, download the form from our website at We will need to run your credit before starting to do anything else. If the credit is OK, we will start you process for clearance right away. Basically, you must not be found delinquent over 90 days on any credit card, debt or loan. If this would be the case, we will need proof of any payment arrangement.

You will be asked to perform a test online. If you pass this test, you will be required to fill out the forms for DEA and/or ICE applications (see below):

1) Forms SF85P, SF85P-S and SF86-A: These forms are a critical component of the hiring process. Before you submit your application for processing, be sure you have done the following:

2) Three (3) fingerprint cards. These can be done at a local police station. In most places, these can be done free of cost. We will mail you four (4) fingerprint cards but we only need three (3) of them; the fourth one is just a backup in case one of the others doesn't come out correctly. You can have this printing done at your local police station. Once you have them ready you can mail them back to Accent on Languages.

3) Drug Use Statement. The witness signature must come from a notary public or any other person who occupies a position of responsibility and is not a relative of the applicant. The witness name and title must be printed under the signature line.

4) Foreign Relatives and Associates Statement (if applicable). It should match your SF86 form. The linguist is to list all non-US citizens with whom they have contact.  Even though the form specifically says to list the foreign nationals mentioned in the security questionnaire, the DEA now wants ALL foreign national relatives and associates in the person’s life.  In addition to parents, children or spouse, they now need to include the following:


5) Citizenship Declaration (if applicable).

6) DEA Credit Release Form (Form DOJ-555-A).

7) DEA Biographical Information Sheet (Authorization to conduct Agency-specific record checks).

8) Copy of your Naturalization Certificate or Permanent Resident Card.

9) Metropolitan Credit Release Form.

Instructions from Accent on Languages Inc. - Revised Version 2/19/2018