Dear translators,

We would like to clarify the situation regarding a scam involving a fake website, here are the facts and steps we have taken to resolve the situation:

-Earlier this week we were informed of a fake, fraudulent site located at, a company stole logos and other information from our legitimate website, and contacted translators misrepresenting themselves as the real Accent on Languages. Some translators were contacted by which is a fake address containing false information.

-Please take note the site “” and the e-mail address “” are fake and do not belong to Accent on Languages.

-In addition, a fake job opportunity was posted on by the same fake site

-Yesterday, 1/14/2016, we reported the issue to the registrar of the domain “”, the hosting company, ICANN, and, about the fraudulent activities from and the fraudulent job posting.

-Today, 1/15/2016, removed the job posting, and the hosting company suspended the account for, which should not be accessible anymore.

-If you have been contacted by Accent on Languages and you are in doubt, please contact our office in Berkeley, California, at +1-510-655-9470 to make sure the communication really came from us.

-We also invite you to visit our real website at to learn more about our company.

Thank you and best regards.

-Accent on Languages