Services at Accent on Languages

Remote Real-time Close Captioning ServicesMonitoring and Transcription services at Accent on Languages

The advantages of remote real time captioning are:

1.    It is a cost-effective solution to providing services for the hearing impaired: our Real Time Captioning             Services does not bind the client to a two hour minimum.  
2.    Flexibility: Remote Real Time Captioning is easy to use and can be brought to any facility with very minimal equipment required.
3.    Short notice demands can be easily accommodated.
4.    No need to worry about captioners being sick or delayed by traffic.
5.    We provide a network of professional captioners who are nationally certified.

Equipment/Technical Support Necessary

1.    Laptop Computer
2.    Skype (Internet communications program)
3.    Internet Connection
4.    Projector (only necessary if the services will be provided for more than two people)
5.    Microphone  (for small presentations or if you cannot get a direct line from the PA system)

Please contact us for more information about our close captioning services.