Teminology of the Month January 2016-IMIA

CAT Event NEXT WEDNESDAY: Edward Gauvin in Conversation with Michael Holtmann

Please join us for our first event of 2016 next Wednesday, January 27. Translator Edward Gauvin will speak with Center for the Art of Translation Executive Director Michael Holtmann about his translation of Serge Brussolo’s The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome.

The pair will discuss Gauvin’s translation work and his experience with a novel about which Kirkus Reviews said “This reads like a dream-state version of a James Bond film.”

Serge Brussolo is acclaimed for his hybrids of science fiction and fantasy. The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome combines these elements in an exciting novel where mediums retrieve items from dream worlds that convert into valuable artworks in waking life. It is the author’s first novel to be translated into English.

Learn more about the author that Le Monde characterized as “a French J.G. Ballard, [writing] impeccably distilled stylized nightmares… ” Copies of the book will be for sale.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
The Booksmith
1644 Haight Street, San Francisco (map)
7:30 pm

We hope to see you next week!


Dear translators,

We would like to clarify the situation regarding a scam involving a fake website www.accent-on-languages.com, here are the facts and steps we have taken to resolve the situation:

-Earlier this week we were informed of a fake, fraudulent site located at www.accent-on-languages.com, a company stole logos and other information from our legitimate website, and contacted translators misrepresenting themselves as the real Accent on Languages. Some translators were contacted by hr-aol@accentonlg.com which is a fake address containing false information.

-Please take note the site “www.accent-on-languages.com” and the e-mail address “hr-aol@accentonlg.com” are fake and do not belong to Accent on Languages.

-In addition, a fake job opportunity was posted on Indeed.com by the same fake site www.accent-on-languages.com

-Yesterday, 1/14/2016, we reported the issue to the registrar of the domain “www.accent-on-languages.com”, the hosting company, ICANN, and Indeed.com, about the fraudulent activities from www.accent-on-languages.com and the fraudulent job posting.

-Today, 1/15/2016, Indeed.com removed the job posting, and the hosting company suspended the account for www.accent-on-languages.com, which should not be accessible anymore.

-If you have been contacted by Accent on Languages and you are in doubt, please contact our office in Berkeley, California, at +1-510-655-9470 to make sure the communication really came from us.

-We also invite you to visit our real website at www.accentonlanguages.com to learn more about our company.

Thank you and best regards.

-Accent on Languages

A Navajo interpreter who changed the history of America

Philip Johnston

Philip Johnston, the son of a missionary, was born in 1892.  When Philip was 4 years old, his family brought him to Flagstaff, Arizona to serve Navajos residing on Navajo Reservation, where he learned to speak Navajo.

When the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, Philip was working as a civilian in Los Angeles.  He learned that the U.S. Army was using Comanches to transmit military communications. He then proposed to the United States Marine Corps (USMC) that the Navajo language could also be applied.

Philip demonstrated the utility of using Navajo language to transit military communications with a group of Navajos. Then they agreed that in order to send the military message, they would use word and letter substitution methods to convey messages. Below are examples:


During the war, the work of sending coded messages was extremely serious. The Japanese were able to decode all the messages the U.S. sent. Being able to keep messages secret could make the difference between winning and losing a battle. Philip’s idea of using Navajo languages as a Navajo code to be used during the World War II was a great success.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_talker#Navajo_code_talkers

Let’s celebrate the International Translation Day!!!

International Translation Day
September 30, 2015

Congratulations from the American Translators Association!

Around the world, in countless languages, linguists honor their professions with
conferences and events on International Translation Day.

This year ATA joins the celebration with the release of the association’s first podcast:
An  Interview with President Caitilin Walsh and President-Elect David Rumsey.