Legal and Community Interpreting Program at Laney College-Open Enrollment for Spring Semester

Laney College in Oakland is now enrolling students in the Legal and Community Interpretation Program for Spring 2013. This program is designed for:

1) Spanish interpreters with limited experience, who are not certified and are interested in taking the California Court Certification Exam;
2) Highly-proficient bilingual (English-Spanish) professionals interested in furthering their professional language skills and seeking opportunities in the field of interpretation.

The six 3-unit courses in the program cover all the essential skills, knowledge and training that interpreters need in order to pass the California (Consortium) Exam for Court Interpreters:

1) Overview of the California Court System and State Law (POSCI 021)
2) Introduction to Spanish-Language Legal Interpretation (LCI 201)
3) Sight Translation (LCI 202)
4) Consecutive Interpretation (LCI 203)
5) Simultaneous Interpretation (LCI 204)
6) Preparation for the Legal Interpretation California State Exam (LCI 205)

Please see the attached flyer with a synopsis of each course. The following courses are being offered this Spring semester, which starts January 22nd, 2013:

  • Introduction to Spanish-Language Legal Interpretation
  • Sight Translation
  • Consecutive Interpretation.

All instructors in the Program have over 15 years of court-interpreting experience and are well established in the field of court interpretation.
To enroll in the program:

Go to or

Call (510) 466-7368 (admissions)

For more information about the program, interested individuals can also contact David Sweet-Cordero ( and Angela Zawadzki ( directly.

On behalf of Laney College, I would be grateful if you would be so kind as to distribute this information among interpreters or bilingual individuals who may be interested in furthering their professional training and development in the field of interpretation.

Many thanks for your consideration.

David Sweet Cordero
Legal and Community Interpreting Program

Laney College, Oakland